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I want to say her job about doing everything in the office? She is always running around the office, most of the time without shoes, and politely telling people there Asana is not up to date. It's a mix of "Boss Lady" with a flair of "Stone Cold Steve Austin", but with a cool laid back style. I think that sums it up.

Brand Author is about finding every brand's emotional value and executing it to the world.

Zahra Cruzan

Zahra began her journey in sales and spent the next ten years working as a trainer in both marketing and sales for both small ventures and Fortune 500 companies. From campaign development to public relation work, Zahra learned how to create systems for every level of company communication. In was during this time, Zahra discovered a striking difference between highly successful marketing campaigns and not so successful ones – Brand.

It was after making this discovery, Zahra set out to level the playing field for aspiring great brands by opening her own Brand Agency focusing on the development of a Brand Model. With a strong background in restaurants, Zahra understood that a key disadvantage for bricks and mortar businesses was the lack of a leveraged system for both online and offline marketing. Unlike digital CEOs, these businesses require a much more efficient means to communicate with both their local market and the world at large.

By using her proprietary system for creating a brand’s infrastructure, she has created a leveraged system to help entrepreneurs break through markets at every level. Brand Author Agency is dedicated to creating wildly profitable brands by applying strategy to vision.  Her work has won international awards for her clients on platforms such as Linked In.  Zahra has enjoyed a successful career as a brand strategist and coach, helping local and international brands secure buyers, investments, and national product placements. An essentialist to the core,  Zahra loves a good ol’ fashioned major clean up.  When she isn’t reading, Zahra can often be found driving her co-workers nuts with her latest color-coding project.  Her team has hidden her label maker from her twice now. The only thing Zahra enjoys more than clean ups is doing science experiments with her son.When asked what her favorite part of her favorite part of her job is, Zahra replied, “The best part of my day is actually an unexpected byproduct of the work we do.  Our intention was to help the world find and fall in love with these charismatic brands.  In so doing, we also help reignite our client’s passion for their own brand – and that just makes my day.”

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