Nicole Greene

Senior Culture Officer

Nicole began her momtrepreneur journey as a door to door jewelry sales company. After thirteen years of a successful bricks and mortar jewelry business in  Trinidad & Tobago, Nicole discovered her true passion for supporting other entrepreneurs on their journey to creating great brands. 

Nicole’s ability to connect with our clients is what makes her work truly unique.  No one can understand and adopt a brand tone like Nicole.  Her extremely empathic nature , combined wither her personal entrepreneurial experience allows her to really identify with our client’s identity and create content that perfectly matches the tone of a brand. 

She then became the Administrative Assistant to Annette Rahael at Rahael Holdings. Seeing a woman in business was so inspiring to Nicole, she decided to expand her experience and knowledge in the field of marketing. Soon, she was promoted to Online Marketing & PR Manager at the Sunny Group of Companies. From there, Nicole went on to open her first entrepreneurial venture, Dream Life Distributors.

Nicole lives in Longdenville, Trinidad with her husband of 20 years and their three (3) children. Nicole’s passion is the pursuit of living her purpose every day.  Whether spending time with her family, friends, or her entrepreneur tribe, Nicole loves to learn, grow and support the people around her to live their dream life.

Nicole is truly the heart of the team and has earned the nickname “Twinkie” for her exceptional ability to seamlessly adopt a CEO or company’s tone.

Nicole Greene

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