Leslie Chua

Senior Project Manager

Leslie earned her degree in Business Management and had a ten year career as an accountant. Although she excelled, Leslie felt unfulfilled by the monotony of financial reports and data mining. 

Intrigued by the emerging world of digital marketing, Leslie was infatuated with the idea of combining her ability to gather and interpret data and the creativity online marketing afforded.  

Leslie is a lifelong learner.  Not only is she constantly learning new marketing software, enabling her to stay on the cutting edge of her field, she also reads up to four books at the same time.  

Her OCD nature makes her a kindred spirit here and we are happy she calls Brand Author home.  Leslie not only manages most of our marketing projects, making sure we are all meeting deadlines, but she also creates much of our in-house SOP’s.  It’s not hard to see why the team has nicknamed her “The Beast”.  

When asked what she loved most about her role with Brand Author, she replied, “ I love the family environment and new opportunities.  But most especially, working with a team I can learn from and grow professionally.”

Leslie Chua

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