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Money I know it has to do with money in some way, but I feel as though it's just the guy that orders wings for lunch in the office. He typically looks really mad and intense like he is doing something important, but then you realize he is just trying hide the wings from everyone else. Why don't you share?

Branding is about finding a simplistic answer to a complex problem.

Keith Cruzan

Although we work in several industries, the culinary scene is our jam. To truly be able to support our culinary clients, we recruited this award winning chef to work with chefs and stakeholders on culinary concepts, profit margins, and culinary design/layouts.Robert began his culinary career at the age of 16, as a dishwasher. And if you ask him, that should be an industry standard.  He worked his way up the ranks of corporate dining to management, before making the switch to fine dining.  It was during his career in fine dining that he knew in order to grow he needed to learn.  So after ten years in the industry, Robert went back to school where he earned his degree in Culinary Arts from the Le Cordon Bleu program in Austin, TX. It was during that time, Robert learned from some of the great chefs from around the work, including The Greenhouse in London. Inspired by his experience in Europe, Chef Robert opened his own restaurant and catering business, here in San Antonio.

Chef Robert has received rave reviews and write ups from local food critics and has been featured regularly on morning TV culinary segments.  His recipes have been featured in Shape Magazine, as well as other publications.  Chef Robert has also been the celebrity guest speaker at the Whole Grains Food Convention and the American Heart Association Conventions.  After the birth of his son, Chef Robert decided on a change of pace and so he made the switch to corporate Food and Beverage Director.  It wasn’t long before Chef was recognized for his remarkable ability to consistently produce the highest quality scores in the franchise, while boasting a budget of almost 10% below industry standards.  He was soon asked to implement his back of house systems to other properties across the country.  It is this incredible experience that makes Brand Author uniquely qualified to assist brands in the food and beverage community.  Our ability to integrate brand standards into an industry that traditionally has lower profit margins truly sets us apart. Robert is a life long Spurs fan and a true INTP.  Although we’ve never proven it, we’re pretty sure he’s a robot. His hobbies include working in his garden, playing basketball with his son, and eating spaghetti. When asked what the favorite part of what he does is, he commented, “As a chef, I know what it feels like to know you have to get your numbers in order, but really just wanting to create all day.  I like to think by supporting chef driven restaurants with a system that makes the numbers work, we are supporting the idea that restaurants can put out amazing food and also be profitable.”

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