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I think he just judges people all day while he draws pretty pictures in the back of the office. Sometimes he turns the lights off in his office, so that no one can see him but we all know he is in there, but we are all to scared to walk in and ask so we just let him draw pretty pictures.

Branding is about empathetic understanding. Finding the root of problem will lead to success.

Ian Friedel

With years of experience as a business design strategist, Ian has designed some of the most charismatic logos in the industry. His ability to translate a message into a visual beacon for a brand is truly astonishing to witness. Ian began his career in corporate America doing graphic design work in almost every industry.  A true maker at heart, Ian was frustrated with the status quo of graphic design work.  There was so much guess work involved as most clients seemed to have different priorities when it game to what they wanted their logo or packaging to look like and this created many revisions and ultimately rebrands.  Ian knew there had to be a better way, so he set out on his own journey to prove it.  It was through his work with Glass Beard Media that Ian mastered the art of telling a brand story visually.   It wasn’t long before Zahra and Ian became acquainted and new chapter began.  As Ian began to create graphic work based on a brand’s strategy guide, he began to notice there were less revisions and clients became raving fans.

A natural born teacher, Ian wasn’t satisfied with creating stunning graphic work.  He wanted to create a system for teaching clients how to properly use the tools he created.  All too often he would see clients take elements from a style guide and combine them in a way that was “off brand”.  He knew there had to be a solution, and it wasn’t long before he found it.  Ian’s visual brand guidelines have become the standard for excellent branding. His ability to not only design amazing brands, but also to teach his clients and marketing teams how to execute brand style is second to none. Ian definitely brings the style to Brand Author.  Always looking sharp, Ian has us all upping our wardrobe game on pitch days. Of all his hobbies, his favorite is being a hands on dad to his daughter.

When asked what his favorite part of his job was, Ian noted, “Working together to achieve a set goal. There is nothing more powerful in this world then a team of dedicated minds focusing on the same outcome. The law of attraction is powerful."

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