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The Blade Barbershop

We are all meant to shine. When we realize that different is normal, we are liberated to rise, forging leaders to prosper in our community.

Our positioning

We are a barbershop who helps diverse people come together to have an open dialog. Unlike our competitors, we understand the barbershop is a sacred space to free yourself without judgment.

Jermaine Mason

CEO / Founder

We were looking for a team that could take our story and turn it into a valued brand in our community that will grow systematically into a world wide brand.

The concept behind the look was to create a break from the very cluttered and traditional iconography typically found in the market. We moved away from the red and blue look and created a bold aesthetic easily spotted, even when nested in a shopping center. The clean and modern lines were a nod the modern and urban demographic they sought.

Barber capabilities vary quite a bit from shop to shop and so we needed a way to showcase all of services without overwhelming the customer. To do this we created a framework and structure for packaging and naming the services, which allowed the customer to self-select their services more quickly and easily.

Jermaine had a vision to re-imagine the barber experience. He wanted to keep the magical community that seemed to form around a barber shop yet be more inclusive to newcomers. His goal was to have first time guests instantly feel like part of the community, rather than an outsider. To accomplish this, not only did we optimize the flow and positions in the shop, we created an experience map for the customers from when they opened the doors to their check out. Each point was specifically curated to inspire a feeling of welcoming.

Our Services

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Project approach

After working with Jermaine on his project we can only say that the community is better off having him and his team working there. He is filled with so much passion and drive to create strong men in his community it is in one word infectious.
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