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As a highly sought after Chef renowned for her show stopping pastry pieces, we knew we had to create a brand that would speak to the exclusivity she’d build, while appealing to a corporate crowd.

Our positioning

This brand exists to make a statement on behalf of the client. ​ We do this by combining our love of traditional pastry recipes with imaginative, custom design that will truly make a statement.

Adesuwa Elaiho


Creating a brand is a heavy amount of work but with Brand Author they helped us to create a brand that has become a real financial asset.

After several months of working product development and feasibility studies, we understood the value of Chef Elaiho’s work was the statement it made. The same way her pieces put an event on the map, it would now put a company on a prospects radar. This was the point of alignment between her existing line and the new line of custom branded giftable treats.

Our objective was to create the perfect balance of luxury and structure. We used jeweled tones and embellished custom patterning inspired by the family’s ancestry to tell her story and create a decadent look. We then balanced the aesthetic with grid lines, spacing, and structure that would keep it from looking too ornate for the corporate world.

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Project approach

In order to break into the corporate market, we had to create an ordering experience that was much more structured than the more lax approach in the event industry. Using software and a custom designed website we were able to create a simple and enjoyable online ordering system. We also redesigned the environments for trade show campaigns which exponentially grew her booking rate.
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