The Project

Commercial real estate moguls and partners came to our firm with the idea of opening the first 100% plant based fast casual pizza and ice cream shop… With a passion to make amazing food, while making a positive impact in the world, how could we not fall in love with this project?


The Positioning

For this project, market disruption was the name of the game. Not only were well established franchises already offering plant-based alternatives, but we were also seeing the first all plant-based franchises springing up. Our mission was to build a cost-effective brand that could be easily translated for future franchisee’s while still creating a disruption in the market that would garner a loyal patronage. We took the tired look and somber vibe of your traditional vegan spots and created a brand centered around the energy of life and diversity of the human experience, while still giving it an upscale look.


The Look

A big part of the disruption factor was going to be the much more polished look than was expected of a shopping center or vegan joint. Because the sustainably plant-based menu offerings commanded a slightly higher price point, we knew creating an ambiance and experience would play a huge factor in establishing value. From logo to photography to interior and curbside styles capes, this brand set the bar much higher.


The Culture

This brand had a lot of moving parts. Aside from the plant-based pizzeria, Verve Pie owners also wanted to create a sub brand that would allow them to sell plant-based ice cream retail and contribute to the foundation of an animal rescue shelter. From logo to company messaging, we were able to create a cohesive and inclusive brand culture that targeted their ideal market and quickly build a culture and following before the doors even opened.

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