Nolan Business Management Solution

A firm came to us seeking a rebrand to help them gain awareness and provide clarity on their services to their target market. Our research showed that while most new prospects had much confusion on what the firm did, more than 50% of their business was referral business so there was, in fact brand equity.


The Identity

Our approach to the rename was to provide clarity of services while keeping brand equity. We did this via soft rebrand from Nolan Healthcare Services to Nolan Practice Management. We also took replace the outdated iconography with a strong and professional looking wordmark that drew attention to the part of the brand that was extremely valuable. We kept a blue main color, but altered the shades to more warm and inviting tones rather than a cold medical hue and added a supporting palette that was more appealing to her small practice demographic.


The Brand Model

The biggest sales hurdle for this industry is trust. That is why our priority for this brand model was to create a tiered offer structure; A strong signature item as a “get in the door offer” and from it cross and upsell campaign cycle to existing customers to grow and expand the relationship.


The Engagement

Since this firm had raving fans in spades and were already functioning as brand ambassadors for her, we focused our engagement efforts on reaching out to more strategic partners in the industry and also creating tools and resources for current customers to help spread the word. The result was a 300% growth in just twelve months.

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