Bambu Marketing

Every marketing firm makes the same big promises, so when Bamboo marketing came to us, we knew we had to create a brand that spoke to their unique and proven approach to successful marketing.


The Position

Our approach to create distinction was to lead by example. Bamboo Marketing expertise rested in it’s ability to create true relationships between the brand’s they worked with and their customer base. What better way to explain this than by creating a brand for Bamboo Marketing that did just that.


The Look

Most marketing and advertising firms position and portray themselves to exude power and dominance. The industry was littered with aggressive color palettes and bland word marks. We could see the best way to disrupt the market was to create a completely different aesthetic with warm and inviting colors and a more approachable and personality injected word mark.


The Engagement

We really got to play with the engagement portion of this project. To emphasize the digital marketing work, we created a series of 26 icons and phrases that could be overlaid on social media icons, to create gifs and transitions for any media work done. This created instant culture and helped the firm articulate and create a culture digitally, even though their clients rarely came to the office.

Create clarity and distinction for your brand

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