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Here at Brand Author, we develop brands from a value first approach, not a volume first approach

Our goal is always to shift brands from a commodity category to industry leading "must have" brands. If your goal is to be a leader in your industry, you are definitely our people.

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We believe helping brands better identify and connect with their ideal audience begins with a human connection. A big part of what we do, even before we begin, is getting to know brands and the humans steering the ship.  That’s what makes us different.  We don’t think you can really understand a brand via e-mail and slack… We prefer an actual conversation, preferably over coffee and sweet bread.

We’re all in because you’re all in and that’s how we like it.
We are intentional about being the best at our craft and respect the heck out of the acumen and experience that our clients bring to the table.  Only through true collaboration can we achieve huge goals.

We believe branding is an ever-evolving process and requires maintenance and continued support.  So, we build relationships with our clients to support them as they grow and their needs change.

We believe you matter to the world, and so you matter to us
We believe you can’t checkbox your way to a great brand, nor can you deliver consistent quality without a roadmap. There’s a balance. We use the structure of systems to achieve a specific outcome that is designed specifically for the project at hand. Everything we put into a brand has a value and purpose
To us, alignment means being truly connected to the work. It matters to love the work you do and the people you do it for. It matters that the work fulfills the brand’s greatest purpose. Being in alignment means being able to edit out all the noise and clutter that prevents us from connecting dots. When we are in alignment, the energy around us acts like a magnet for the type of people and projects we were designed to serve.
We are dedicated to being the subject matter experts and thought leaders of our industry. We learn from the best and take the time to practice and hone our skills daily. Our clients depend on us to provide a breadth of insight that can only be achieved with true expertise.
Craftsmanship means having the patience to do it right. It means setting specific and measurable standards that are above what most others are willing to do. It’s about pouring the love for what you do into every project and seeing the result of that in the quality of what is produced. Craftsmanship is going back and checking your work, thinking of everything, and being proud of what you’ve created.

We know your brand is the most valuable asset your organization has.

That’s why we focus solely on the work of crafting and developing brands. We do this by taking both a holistic and a highly focused approach to branding.  One of the major gaps we see when it comes to developing brand is in the translation off the page (or screen) and into the lifeblood of the brand where it makes real impact and positively impacts a brand’s market cap.

It’s one thing for a bunch of executives and a brand agency to create an inspiring idea of what a brand stands for; and it’s quite another to be able to create tangible evidence of that vision across all facets of the organization that work synergistically with each other and stay in alignment over time.

We believe branding can’t be isolated to your marketing campaigns and it also shouldn’t exist in isolated silos throughout your organization. Without a framework and execution strategy for your brand, you limit your brand’s efficacy to the short-term sales increases your marketing team saw last quarter by using the new messaging and look.

We don’t have to tell you that your brand is your biggest asset and only by increasing your brand value do you grow that asset.  The fastest and most effective way to do that is through executing your brand strategy across the entire organization in a significant and consistent way.

No matter where you are in your brand journey, this is how we tackle a project…

Our Approach to Brand Success

We create brands with a holistic and highly focused approach to branding. Flowing through our process starts with framing the problem, researching the solution, creating the framework and then finding ways to evaluate and optimize.

Let us work with you to find your unique route to success!
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Frame the Problem

The start of every project for us is to clearly understand the issues, the organization, the landscape, and the opportunity. Collaboration with you is crucial here as there is no substitute for your insight and understanding the goals you have for your brand. Framing the correct opportunity from the start, gets you halfway to the goal

Research the Heck Outta It

The fastest and most efficient path to success is to gather and map out the information and data already available to answer provide clarity and narrow the scope of the problem and possible paths forward. In this way, we can truly create a hypothesis, rather than a wild guess.

Create the Work

Creating the components of the project needed to deliver the tools you’ll need to execute the next phase of your brand growth.  This step consists of not just creating the tools, but also going back and checking for accuracy and relevancy to the problem and goals established while framing the problem.  Supporting you through the launch and execution of your project is also a vital step in the process.  Having a clear understanding of how to roll out the project and create buy in at all levels is the linchpin for a successful launch.

Evaluate the Results

The key to any good brand strategy is to clearly define brand KPIs and evaluate the data you receive. Brand success depends on its ability to effectively integrate into business operations. Without this core component, it becomes difficult to measure brand success.