Facts & Questions

What are your fees/pricing?
Pricing varies quite a bit depending on the scope of work.  Things we take into consideration include industry, age of organization, and amount of research hours required to name a few. I know that's a very vague answer to your question and what you really need to know is if this fits your budget. To help with this, we offer a complimentary discovery session to better understand your goals and timeline. From there, we will curate an itemized proposal for the work and set up a second appointment to review it with you and answer any questions you may have.  If everything looks good, we dive right in.   It's that easy!

What are my legal rights to the work I purchase?
We take your legal rights very seriously and will never do work without a contract listing your rights to the work.  The contract will include a design transfer agreement allowing you to trademark all graphics, a release of rights and royalties, intellectual property, and will also include a confidentiality and non-disclosure clause.  Basically, this guarantees you keep all the rights and profits from all revenue you generate using the elements we create and ensures we handle all of your business data with the utmost care and privacy. This contract is especially important when you apply for your copyright or trademark your logo as you were not the original creator. You must have proof that the originator of the work has released the rights for you to register.

How long does the work take?
The work timeframe will vary based on the scope of project, but both your contract and proposal will list a completion date. Having said that, we typically run a 60 day waiting list, so if your project is coming up soon, please be sure to book a discovery call ASAP and get an availability timeline.