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Here at Brand Author, we approach branding in a completely different way.  We believe the days of approaching brand from “sales first” approach is no longer relevant in today’s markets. It’s the brands who create connection and desire through the stories they tell that will win the hearts and loyalty of audiences globally.  The secret sauce to every wildly successful brand isn’t about how much money you spend on advertising, but rather how well you can deliver on your brand promise.  Any business can have a super snazzy logo and fancy website, but if  your brand experiences doesn’t live up to the hype your copy and logo have created, you will never build brand value…. And building brand value is the best way to build profit margins.  You see, in today’s global market it’s become increasingly harder to become the next P&G, dominating markets with sheer volume and low price points.  Emerging brand leaders understand they cannot thrive simply because they are the only brand.  They must be seen as the premium brand.  The formula for brand success isn’t just grasping for more of a market share, but rather by targeting the right market in the first place. This is done by understanding how to curate the right offer for the right buyer in a scaleable way.   That’s why we begin every client project by creating a core brand infrastructure. By building your brand from the inside out, we first help you build a “must have” brand and THEN help you sell it. By working from a focused position, a business creates a brand – it’s most powerful asset.

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Selling is no longer solely about what you do. It has never been more vital to clearly define WHO you are and who you exist to serve. If you want to establish both trust and desirability in your market, you must have a focused position that is highly attractive to a specific group of people. Essentially, your brand position is a promise you make to a customer.



Your brand model is how well you deliver on that promise. Defining user experience, determining standard features, creating signature offers, organizing product/service lines, creating upsells and downsells is how a brand is able to move from commodity trader to premium brand. This is how profit margins grow.



Scaling your brand becomes quite simple, when you have a focused position and home run offers to take to market. The strategy behind brand scale isn’t to find the biggest audience, but rather where to find an extremely concentrated group of your audience. Not every brand should begin advertising with billboards or Google Ads.  Not every brand should use a blog for optimizing web traffic.  The name of the game when it comes to marketing, should be “better, not more”.

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What We Believe

  • Great brands are built from a “value first” approach, not a “sales first” approach

  • Branding should be done from the inside out

  • A Premium brand is created when a brand reflects the desires of their intended customers

  • In “better” not “more”

  • Great Visual Brand Strategy speaks to more than what you do, but who you ARE

  • A brands visual strategy, copy strategy, and offer development should come together to tell a story of what is possible

  • Brand Alignment trumps Brand Awareness EVERY TIME

  • There is a gap in the market that only you can fill

  • Online commerce will never eradicate the bricks and mortar community because humans will always crave connection.

Let's Work Together

let's do this
When i came to brand author, my business was struggling. being the new player in a well established market was not easy and brand author helped me find my position in the market that allowed me to scale quickly."
Lindsey Nolan
Nolan Practice Management

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Chief Brand Strategist
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