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Welcome to Brand Author, a branding agency based out of San Antonio, Texas that is changing how the world connects with brands.

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Brand Strategy & Design

Inspire your audience by defining and communicating your vision. Hearts and minds are won through your brand’s identity. When you can attract rather than chase your customers, everything changes.

Brand Experience

Lead your industry with carefully curated brand experiences that drive loyalty. From irresistible offers, to one of a kind customer journeys, experience is where brand value is defined.

Brand Engagement

Increase your customer base, while turning one-time customers into raving fans and ambassadors of your brand. Brand based marketing deepens your connection to customers through every interaction.



San Antonio,
Brand Author built my brand systematically to make sure it evolved for future use. I could not have asked for a smoother process in creating my future.



San Antonio,
Creating a brand is a heavy amount of work but with Brand Author they helped us to create a brand that has become a real financial asset.



San Marcos,
We were looking for a team that could take our story and turn it into a valued brand in our community that will grow systematically into a world wide brand.

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