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On a mission to help entrepreneurs fall in love with their brands by showing them how to make profits while doing what they love for the people they feel called to serve in a way that feels in integrity.

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Verve Pie

The key to building wealth with a bricks and mortar venture is in franchising. This is the story of how Verve Pie created a highly profitable brand, through franchising.

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Blade Barbershop

We are a barbershop who helps diverse people come together to have an open dialog. Unlike our competitors, we understand the barbershop is a sacred space to free yourself without judgement.

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The Blade Barbershop

So, how do you take your ideas and turn them into a profitable concept? Read our story of The Bison Social’s Journey.

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Redpoint Nutrition

In this story, read how a great company, creating a great product was losing business simply by misinterpreting the data and how we helped turn the tide for her brand.

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How we help elevate your brand...

Here at Brand Author, we develop brands from a value-first approach, not a volume first approach. We know when a brand can effectively create desire, not only can they charge more than their competitors, but they will naturally own more of the market share.

Our goal is always to shift brands from a commodity category to industry-leading "must have" brands.
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